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Do you require a fast house sale?

The team at St Genix Property Buyers is dedicated to helping you sell your house quickly and assist with any related property problems. Our experts often work around the clock to find the buyers you deserve and get you a fast property sale.

St Genix Property Buyers was founded by Evgeni Vachkov, a recognised ex-industry guru with years of insider knowledge. He has founded the company the basis of providing an honest and ethical approach to helping people resolve various property problems.

Most of our customers need to sell fast because of:

  • Relocation or Emigration – Timing a move to abroad with a house sale can be difficult, especially when you need a guaranteed funding to make the move happen. We can match you to a cash buyer or a buyer with a guaranteed mortgage and ensure your sale completes.
  • Financial Difficulties – sometimes being out of work or having severe financial problems can cause extensive stress over the long run. While missing a payment may seem fine, it will affect your credit score and how banks lend money to you in the future. With our extensive experience, we can seek the best way forward to clear your debts, either via releasing the equity built in your house or alternative methods.
  • Repossession – Are you in arrears with your mortgage and possibly facing eviction from your home? Our repossession experts know how to speak to the banks and often accompany you in the courts with a potential buyer to ensure the best outcome for you.
  • Just Need to Sell Fast – And you don’t want to wait for 6 months via Estate Agents? – We will match you to our extensive database of property investors who invest in your area and look for a property just like yours. You will get investor offers within 24 hours (instead of endless visits by Estate Agents and buyers with no finding).
  • Divorce / Separation or Bereavement – Splitting the assets with your ex-partner or relatives can be very time consuming, especially when you need a quick sale to solve the problem once and forever. At St. Genix we can look at your case and propose a sale with a pre-agreed completion date.

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Over 50% of our customers have previously experienced a problem with sales via estate agents or rogue buyers:
  • Two out of three customers complain that the price promised by the estate agent was over-inflated just to get the business. (We will only offer you what we can really get for you. If we can’t match you to a buyer we will let you know.)
  • Only 30% think that agent actually pass the offer to the house sellers.
  • THREE out of FIVE customers selling via estate agents wait for more than SIX months!
  • Government’s Land Registry shows that although 850,000 house sales are successful each year, still 1 in 3 home sales fail.
  • 30% of the offers made by rogue property buyers with no professional accreditations fail, therefore further delaying your sale. (Majourity of our staff are professionally affiliated to the National Landlords Association)

At St. Genix Property Buyers we work with an established group of property investors and property buyers nationwide with a proven track record. When you submit your enquiry in the form to the right, we will immediately match you with a buyer and we will aim to provide you with a firm offer within 24 hours.

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