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How To Pay Off Your Mortgage To Stop Repossession

Do you need to pay off a mortgage to stop repossession? Then a quick property sale might be the answer. Phone us to get advice on how to stop repossession with a fast house sale.

It’s all too easy to take a break from paying your mortgage. Today’s lenders often offer deals that include periods where you don’t have to pay. Since many people miss at least one mortgage payment a year anyway, it makes sense to build a payment holiday into the mortgage deal – or does it? It’s true that there are advantages to taking a break from your payments. Sometimes finances are under pressure and it’s helpful when lenders are flexible. However, if you take the payment holiday too far you could find that repossession law affects you. The result might be that you have to repay your mortgage to stop repossession.

The important thing with payment holidays is that you need to make up that payment at some point. If you don’t then you will be in arrears, and you know what will happen then. You could end up in serious debt, getting threatening letters from lenders who are chasing their payment. If you don’t find a solution then you could end up needing to end your mortgage to stop repossession.

So, what do you do when you need to stop repossession fast?

First of all, don’t ignore your lender’s letters. Lenders are used to dealing with those whose finances may be under strain. Most lenders are willing to advise you about financial recover. The sooner you let your lender know that you want to repair the situation, the less likely it is that you will have to deal with repossession. However, if you don’t deal with the situation, then your home will be at risk and you may need to end your mortgage to stop repossession.

Sometimes you cannot reach an agreement with your lender, and that means that you will need to repay the mortgage arrears by some other means. That may mean selling your home and ending the mortgage to stop repossession. Getting a second job may not be enough to raise the cash you need. For a large debt, you need a lot of cash, so it’s time to consider selling the biggest asset you own.

Arrange A Quick Property Sale With St Genix Fast House Buyers

We can help you arrange a quick sale if that seems like the best solution. We are experts in this area and you will soon be able to clear your mortgage arrears. When your home is sold, you don’t even have to leave. Ask us about our rent back deal and save the hassle of finding alternative accommodation. You will:

  • Get a guaranteed sale
  • Receive the cash within four weeks
  • Save on legal fees
  • Remain in your home if you wish

St Genix Fast House Buyers are experts in helping you sell your home fast to repay your mortgage to stop repossession. We guarantee to purchase your home and complete the deal within four weeks or less. All you need is a free valuation to get started. Call us now on 0800 644 0056.

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