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I Need To Stop Repossession Of My London Property

Do you need to stop repossession of a London house? If you live in London, then you have probably seen the value of your property rise considerably. The down side is that your mortgage payments may have also increased. London is an expensive city to live in and you may have borrowed more than you can really afford. Some people are borrowing up to five times their income, putting finances under pressure when the rates go up. If you are in this situation you could soon fall foul of house repossession law.

If this happens, your credit rating may be at risk! You need to stop repossession of a London home and stop it now, before you end up facing a suspended possession order or having to stop property repossession altogether. If possible, you need to keep your credit rating intact, as otherwise you may not qualify for new borrowings. You wouldn’t want to be turned down for a credit card, mortgage, store card or loan. You need to stop repossession in London and stop it fast.

It’s useful to understand what circumstances might change your credit rating. Your credit status is at risk if you:

  • Miss payments on your mortgage
  • Have unpaid debt on credit cards and store cards
  • Have received CCJs
  • Have defaulted on finance agreements
  • Have unpaid utility bills
  • Have your home repossessed

Lenders don’t wait around. They take action on unpaid debt and changing your credit rating is just one action they can take. They can also attempt to repossess your home. If that happens, it’s time to stop repossession in London by selling your home fast. Now is the time to take action. Repossession proceedings and poor credit will not go away. If you try to arrange repayment, then that will certainly help.

If you own a home in London, then you should be able to sell it for a good price. In fact, you can repay your debts and stop repossession in London by finding a direct, cash buyer for your home. That’s where St Genix Fast House Buyers can help. Our clients are happy because our quick sale process has helped them to repair their credit rating. The process is simple and easy. We value your home and once you give the go ahead, the sale is completed within four weeks. That’s a month or less till you get the cash you need to straighten out your finances and fix your credit status.

While you’re waiting we can make a cash advance to help with bills, or talk to your creditors so that they know that you are trying to pay. We are expert property buyers and we are happy to do this for our clients.

St Genix Fast House Buyers can help you stop repossession in London and it won’t take long to get the money you need. With our fast house sale you can have the cash in four weeks or less. Get started now by calling us on 0800 644 0056 for a free consultation.

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