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St. Genix Managing Director, Evgeni Vachkov, recently took part in an interview discussing the best courses of action in the face of repossession, and some of the finer points of the difficult process of repossession. Throughout the interview, Evgeni provided insights into the repossession process, and offered advice on how a homeowner can overcome problems […]

Do you need to pay off a mortgage to stop repossession? Then a quick property sale might be the answer. Phone us to get advice on how to stop repossession with a fast house sale. It’s all too easy to take a break from paying your mortgage. Today’s lenders often offer deals that include periods […]

We can help you figure out how to stop property repossession. Just call St. Genix Fast House Buyers on 0800 644 0056 to get started. Some people are already clued up about house repossession law and know how to bring house repossession to a stop. But there are others who could use some help to […]

Do you need to stop repossession of a London house? If you live in London, then you have probably seen the value of your property rise considerably. The down side is that your mortgage payments may have also increased. London is an expensive city to live in and you may have borrowed more than you […]

Sell My House Quickly For Cash or Safely Rent Back Use the Fast Cash Offer Form on the right or Call us, 24/7 on 0800 644 0056 to receive an immediate offer and sell your house quickly today. Our offers are free and it only takes a minute to find the best cash offer for […]

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