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Sell House Fast! 5 Ways to get Top Cash Offers

Do you need to sell house fast and cannot afford to wait for months? Ex-industry insider reveals 5 WAYS™ that will put your property in the fast lane and will have you completing in DAYS and NOT Months. Guaranteed!

Agents and private investors (like myself) have been keeping these methods quiet for years and although well known to solicitors and fast home buyers, these methods are not well known to the UK public.

Once you get to know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ today you will have the tools to speak to ANY estate agent or property buyer company and you will know when you are getting the best deal, even if your property has FALLEN in price or you are Facing Repossession. You have my word as an ex-industry insider with years of property experience.

So, why are these methods not available at the UK estate agents or shown on TV….!?! The answer is simple – Estate Agents wont get their cut and Property Shows will be damn BORING if you simply shake hands with the buyer and get it over in a day!

So have we gone bonky revealing insider information and risking to lose our business? Absolutely NO!

As a business owner of a fast property buyers company, I certainly believe this information should be shared FREE with the UK public, especially in the current recession climate. Our business comes from helping customers that must sell house fast, providing a 5 star service, and certainly NOT from pooling wool over your eyes.

Now the small print (briefly): It is to our best interest to openly share this information with you and help you sell your house fast. It is still very important that you always seek an advise from a qualified solicitor to ensure your legal protection and a safe piece of mind.

So what are these 5 Methods that will help you to find out how to sell your house fast? Let me start with the easy ones…


There are two main tricks if you must sell house fast – knowing the property’s current market price property price and reaching the right buyers. Property prices have changed dramatically across UK over the past years and we are no longer in the property Boom Years.

If you try to sell a house for £250,000 when the MARKET price today is £200,000 you will only WASTE weeks to learn the current market price the HARD WAY. After all, there is nothing more pleasing to a property investor and the estate agent than a vendor who knows his story.

You can research your property’s market price in 30min, for FREE, and save WEEKS of aggravation trying to sell at the wrong price! My little gift to you…

Get a cuppa and sit comfortably!

Have you noted that when you walk in at the local estate agents, the price they quote you is often MUCH HIGHER than the agent across the road as they simply pull wool over your eyes trying to win your business?

Save time in leaving your seat to visit them! We will do this the EASY Way.

Do a Google search for estate agents in your area. Find SIX estate agents in your area and call them one by one. Tell the first three agents that you are looking to re-mortgage your home and need to know what VALUATION to expect from the bank. In this way they will not try to win you over and will give you an accurate estimate. Make sure you clearly describe your property, location and write all responses down on paper.

Call the other three estate agents and tell them that you are an investor looking to buy in the area and need to know how much homes (of your description and area) sell for. Write all responses down.

Now open your web browser and go to Rightmove and Find-a-Property (see our resource links page) and do a search for your postcode, property description and the surrounding area in the “For Sale” listings. How much are your fellow neighbours are selling their properties for? Are there many of them for sale and do you need to market yours at a different price to sell faster? Write down all numbers.

Now, take an average of all the numbers you wrote down and this will give you a good guidance of your MARKET PRICE.

This won’t  sell your house fast, but you just saved few weeks of being thrown from pillar to post between estate agents before you find the market price the hard way. We help hundreds of property sellers and the most important information for you is the current market price, so you can negotiate a good deal.


Majority of the fast property buyers will tell you that the faster you need to sell the more likely you will get LOWER OFFERS… Not any-more. Read on…

There are individuals (especially in the bigger cities) who have plenty of SPARE CASH (think bonuses that our UK banks paid out to their employees last year). How about if you could reach them and get them to buy your home for a premium? Some individuals will jump on the opportunity to buy a house if it is discounted by 7-10%, and you want to reach them.

Here is the plan! Write on a A4 piece of paper your For Sale Advertisement, make it look attractive by providing a little discount, put your contact details and find a photocopier. Say 500 copies will do to keep you (or the kids) busy for a day.

Pick a working day midweek and go to the busiest rail or tube station in your city. If you leave in a small town, then go to the nearest big city where all the big corporations and banks are. You need to be there at 7am when everyone is going to work. Then simply leaflet out your message and you may even get people talking to you right-away. It is all a ‘numbers game’ and you may need to repeat this 2-3 days to get the level of response you need. Oh… almost forgot, you may put down on your leaflet that you offer say £200 for the person who helps you sell your property.

Now you HIRED FOR FREE not just one estate agent, but an ARMY OF PEOPLE HELPING YOU sell your house… Clever eh?!?

When you speak to the potential buyers, ask them what they do for living and if the have a mortgage, so you only focus on the buyers who can MOVE FAST.

There are certainly times when you don’t want to be seen selling your house by 1000 neighbors and we can certainly help you avoid the embarrassment. Here at St. Genix Property Buyers we certainly know how to use the leaflet method and we can take the burden away. Simply fill in your details in the form to the right and an agent will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements.


Now that you have filled in the Fast Sale Cash Offer Form on the right -> (and if you have not done it, you should before you move on… you need to be proactive about selling your house, letting as many people know about it and it is important you do each step as I explain…)

By now you probably realised that Properties are not sold via Estate Agents only! In fact there are hundreds of houses sold each day privately and I strongly recommend you advertise yours too… for FREE and I will show you how.

First of all, you will need a few good photos of your property – go ahead and make a few pictures of each room. This is important, as a picture speaks 1000 words. Done it? Ok!

Go to the Gumtree website (see our resource links page) and post an advertisement to sell house fast, carefully attach the photos and give your ad a good title and description so it stands out from the crowd.

Bingo! Now you have your FREE ADVERTISING TO SELL YOUR HOUSE ONLINE. You will likely start getting calls the same day and viewings will soon follow suit.

If you prefer not to be disturbed by dozens of visitors, you can certainly call us today. Our network of professional property buyers can certainly make a decision to buy without seeing your house.


Now this is the GOOD STUFF …especially when your property is in negative equity and you cannot re-mortgage as the market value of your house is lower than your current mortgage (and secures loans). In other words you have borrowed more money from the bank than the market value of your property and if you were to sell on the open market you will not be able to repay your mortgage and loans.

There is only a handful of UK Fast Property Buyer companies that have the experience to fix this, so stay put when you speak to them. We encourage you to carefully research how long each company has been operating for, what is their office address, and how big their investor network is. Ask them how they intend to market and sell your property and if they are not being as open as we are about their business, simply walk away.

When you are in negative equity you really have a handful of choices when you need to quickly move out:

1. Rent the property yourself and move out. If the rent can cover your mortgage payments, why not downsize? In this case you will need to ensure you have the relevant landlord certificates and your property is UK compliant for renting. This is quite a complex area, so please do your research, before you incidentally get fined for being a cowboy landlord.

2. Ask a fast property buyer company to make you a Lease Options offer. We can make you an offer to lease your home from you until such a time in the future that the value of your house would have risen sufficiently to cover your outstanding mortgage and loans. I.e. we take the burden of paying the expensive mortgage and dealing with tenants.

If your house is in negative equity it is important that you fill in the form on the right, so we can assess the situation immediately.


It can get very tricky if you have fallen behind with your mortgage payments and there is a good section on our website that describes the process in detail.

The important steps here are that you speak to your lender and explain them the situation you are in and ask them for alternative payment arrangements. The bank will often take the view that it is far more expensive to repossess your property than to seek alternative payment arrangements. 

Once you have alternative payments agreed with the bank, make sure you stick to them and this will often stop the repossession process.

If you are fighting to stop repossession it is even more important that you seek a good advise and contact us to sell house fast or even get one of our investors to take over your mortgage payments and buy your home. Just like you, we don’t like bluff and we will certainly assist you to the highest standard. Your contacts with us are SAFE and we will never SELL or disclose your information without your permission. We will also PAY all your legal fees. Fill in the form to the right or call us and we can take the burden away.


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