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Stop Repossession

Stop Repossession

If you need to stop repossession and you don’t want to move, your situation may seem hopeless. Take heart, it’s not impossible; we can take over the contract and buy the house from you with a fast sale, leaving you free of the mortgage. You can then become our tenant, meaning your home is still under your control. This frees up the equity you have built to assist with other financial difficulties and helps you avoid repossession.

Stop Repossession

Stop Repossession

Raise Cash Fast

At a time when you need cash to cover mortgage arrears, we can help you raise capital and stop repossession. It’s very simple – we take over the responsibility of paying the home loan. Tough times don’t last forever, so rent from us with an option to purchase when you’re on your feet again.

Fast Sale

With your help, we find a plan to suit your requirements. This can be short or long-term, depending on which is better for you, and can include a fixed-price agreement, so that you can regain ownership of your home and control over your mortgage once you feel ready to do so. You then consider our offer and decide if you’d like to proceed to stop repossession. There are no fees attached to the offer, whether you proceed or not.

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