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Attending A Court Hearing

This can be a scary time for anyone facing repossession. What follows is a guide to get you through the process without losing your home, with as little distress as possible.

Respond to court summons

When you receive a court summons you will be asked to complete a reply form to confirm your intentions. It is important that you do this. If you would like to stay, state this on your form. You will need to show that you are able to meet future payments, so you should include details of your income and expenditure. Make a copy of the form for your files and return it to the court.

Suspended possession order

Your lender has the power to stop the process by agreeing to a suspended possession order. They may agree to do this if you show good faith by paying off some of the arrears as well as the current instalment.

Attend hearing

Repossession Court HearingYou may have been advised that there is no point in attending the hearing because the court is going to order possession. However, there is a chance to avoid losing your home and you will need to be in attendance to take advantage of it. The hearing will be held in private chambers and presided over by the District Judge.

We may be able to attend the hearing with you as a potential buyer. The Judge is likely to suspend the possession order if you have a reliable prospective buyer.

Pay current instalment

If you can satisfy the court that you can pay off some of the arrears as well as the current instalment, a Suspended Order for Possession will be granted by the District Judge and this will enable you to stay in your home.

Responding to Possession Order or Warrant After Default

Even if you have defaulted on a previous order and have received a Possession Order or Warrant, you can still apply to the Court to suspend possession. The judge will take into account any previous orders you have defaulted on as well as your financial position, the sum of your arrears and the amount of equity in the property.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the repossession process – fast property sale or another of our flexible solutions can help you keep your home. Start your non-obligatory application by entering the property postcode above.

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