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Avoid a Scheduled Hearing

This can be a scary time for anyone facing repossession. What follows is a guide to get you through the process without losing your home, with as little distress as possible.

Credit Rating

Home Eviction Documents

Your clear credit rating is worth fighting for! If your home is repossessed it can be extremely difficult to buy in the future. We really can help you avoid the pain of eviction and future credit nightmares. So don’t give up hope, stay strong. There is a way out of this and we want to help.

Take Action

So your lender has refused to listen and the courts haven’t helped? You are not alone if you believe repossession is inevitable. Our representatives have experience and expertise and they can buy you time and find a resolution for you by intervening on your behalf. We can do this even though you may be months behind or eviction is scheduled for tomorrow.

Expert Help

We can put expert eviction lawyers in your corner. They will fight your case with the lender and the courts to win on your behalf. This is part of the service, and you will not have to pay legal fees. Once the case is won and you have avoided repossession, we will take care of all the paperwork.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the process – a fast sale or another of our flexible solutions can help you avoid repossession and keep your home. Start by submitting the postcode of the property you are trying to sell.


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