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Avoid Repossession

Even if My Eviction is Tomorrow?

Yes! Even if your eviction is tomorrow. We can work quickly to help you avoid repossession.

Even if your mortgage lender has refused further negotiations, we can work with you to avoid repossession. We don’t charge fees and we also cover costs so you can get legal representation to help buy more time. So don’t give up now, a call to us is free.

There is more than one way out of your situation. Once you know what you want to do, it’s just a matter of choosing which suits you best:

Avoid Repossession with a Fast Sale

A fast sale can free up equity in the property once your lenders have been paid. The advantages to this are threefold: you can have repossession stopped and other nasty credit actions such as repossession registry entry and credit black listing. Also, if there is a surplus once the mortgage has been paid, equity can free up cash for your immediate use. This option can mean you don’t get full market value for your house.

Sell & Buy-Back

We can arrange you to have the option to buy at a fixed price once your financial situation improves. This means you have a short-term solution, a long-term plan, and have not lost your property forever.

Raise Equity

Avoid repossession with an option agreement and retain ownership of your home. We settle your arrears and take over your mortgage payments for an agreed time (six-nine months usually). In exchange for this, we have a favourable option to buy at the end of that time and you have the option to sell in the meantime. In this way, the threat of repossession is removed, your debts are paid and you have the opportunity to sell for a good price. Once the agreed time is up, we either exercise our option to buy or you buy out of the option for a fixed fee, pocketing any equity in the process.

Our intention is to find a solution which will benefit both parties. So, once we’ve worked out which of these options suits you best, we’ll make you an offer, which you are under no obligation to accept. Start by entering the property postcode in the box above and leave it to us to help you stop repossession.

Sell House Fast Hotline: 0208 144 1070